At DV Stocks, we understand that markets are not made up of investors only. There are people who wish to lever up take more risk and make money flamboyantly. For such adventurous souls we have F&O corner, where we generate 2-3 calls per week on F&O of Indian companies. We being one of the best investment companies in Mumbai have access to some of quality derivatives analysts. Our derivative strategy team has delivered exceptional stocks ideas since inception, making DV Stocks the premier destination for the stocks investors & traders. Our team strives to envisage finest F&O strategies that minimize the risk and enhance the probability of gaining on F&O trades; mostly we're looking to create arbitrage kind of opportunity via future and options.

What you get?

  Advice on F&O of Indian Cos
  40% - 80% target return in a position
  Investment period of 2 - 6 weeks
  2-3 derivative strategies per week
  Recommendations via SMS and Email on real-time basis
  Follow up with all important news & information updating
  Dedicated support person
  Direct touch with Research Analysts
  Research report through email