We're budding stocks & Investment Advisory Company. We provide Professional Investment Advice in investments in Indian equities to Individuals, corporate and other legal entities. We perform research and recommend investments in individual securities (stocks) for short term and long term investment horizon. We perform research on the basis of the performance (fundamentals) of the companies and other aspects like Management meet, Corporate Governance etc, and make recommendations to clients via SMS in their registered Mobile devices. Besides this, we carry out detailed Technical and Behavioural Analysis of the stocks and market per se, thus, reach on investment decision by Fusion Analysis.

Our Professional Research Analysts are well qualified in each key area of Technical & Fundamental Research with extensive experience in equity analysis and portfolio management making DV stocks one of the most preferred investment companies in Delhi.

Our professionals have been guiding clients to achieve their investment goals for more than ten years. Our business has been built upon the core principle of putting our clients' interests first. Due to increased customers’ presence in Mumbai, we have office in Mumbai too and very fast we are becoming one of the most preferred Investment Companies in Mumbai.

We are able to work with clients across the world, which have access to the Internet. We receive no compensation from any person or third party other than clients or prospective clients.

At DV Stocks, our mission is simple: First Class Stock Advice, from First Class Research. We at DV Stocks have developed a proprietary auto-generated Stock Rating System, designed to pick winning stocks. Stock Rating System of DV Stocks is the only system that combines Fundamental, Technical and Behavioral Analysis (Fusion Analysis) to give you a complete picture of every stocks and a clear Buy, Sell or Hold recommendation. After extensive research of testing and retesting of 1000s of strategies and mathematical models over the last 10 years, we have identified the model of MAXIMUM PROFIT with MINIMUM RISK. It's the most powerful and easy to use Statistical tool called "Mean reversion". With our method of selection stocks experience minimum negative semi-variance (correct and better way of identifying downside risk as compared to variance, which is made up of both 'Negative + Positive' semi-Variance).