What does it mean to be an Inv-ader™

The entrants and participants in stocks investments are tormented in their stance -whether they should be an Investor or a Trader. Our stand, with goal of better Portfolio Management is- we should be mix of both, i.e. an 'Inv-ader'. An 'Inv-ader'™ would be both an Investor as well as a Trader. He'd be investing 80% to 90% of his investable money for LT investing and keeping 10% to 20% of money for trading.

We wish to be very specific that stocks chosen for trading must be fundamentally sound (i.e. these stocks should be eligible for LT investing too); however, they are ripe for big momentum movement.

When it comes to stocks-investments, the advantage of being an 'Inv-ader'™ over being just an Investor is that an 'Inv-ader'™ can take advantage from short-term opportunities that are so often present in stocks markets. While Advantage of being an 'Inv-ader'™ over being just a trader is that an 'Inv-ader'™ isn't taking too much of risk by putting 100% of its capital in trading, thereby curtailing its risk.

In summary, an Inv-ader™ is very well positioned to earn an in excess risk adjusted returns.

We at DV Stocks make the complex investments simple to understand for people with limited exposure to investments or information of investments. With decades of professional expertise in stocks investments and portfolio management, we’re capable of providing steady returns and consistent performance in various market conditions; the company is one of the most sought after portfolio management and stock investment companies in Delhi as well as investment companies in Mumbai.